Architecture & Photography Panel Discussion

This event has already taken place

Join us in this panel discussion as we look at architecture and photography in a multitude of ways in association with our exhibition Gavin Hipkins: The Domain

Whether it’s a recent suburban development in Auckland, the beat-up facades of 1970s buildings on New Zealand university campuses, or Le Corbusier’s ‘radiant’ city Chandigarh, architecture appears as subject and symbol over and over in Gavin Hipkins’ photography and films. Courtney Johnston, director of The Dowse and curator of Gavin Hipkins: The Domain will explore how Hipkins has used architecture in his work to explore how political and cultural movements are expressed through our built environments.

Patrick Reynolds is New Zealand’s leading photographer of the built environment, and is also recognised for his exhibiting photography practice. He is the author and co-author of several books, including City House Country House, Villa, Architecture Uncooked and New New Zealand Houses. His work appears frequently in New Zealand and international publications, and he is also a regular commentator on urban design and transport issues. 

Architect and urban designer Natasha Markham of MAUD will direct the conversation and also share her perspective as both a designer of buildings and a commissioner of architectural photography. Natasha is a co-host of New Zealand’s leading architecture podcast, 76 Small Rooms