Faovale Imperium

Image courtesy of Kia Mau Festival

This event has already taken place

Wellington’s premiere comedian (James Nokise) and DJ (Don Luchito) team up to showcase a counter narrative to the romanticised voyages of James Cook though the Pacific. Faovale Imperium is a heady mixture of irreverent history, pacific poetry, dynamic soundscapes – it’s like the Disney film Moana… told by two guys who don’t look like The Rock, who even combined wouldn’t be the same size as the Rock.

Wellington Skuxologist James Nokise {Cultural Commentator, Occasional Joke Teller & Spirit of NZ Fringe 2014 } has composed a Poem of Captain Cook’s voyage through the Pacific Region. He will humbly {#behumble} navigate the many Pacific cultures, as carefully as Cook himself did, as James looks at the spread of the Enlightenment… to people who knew how to sail without compasses and live in ecologically sound structure.

This event is part of Kia Mau Festival, of which we are proud supporters.