Muka Youth Prints

This event has already taken place

We are delighted to host the ever-astonishing Muka Youth Prints here at The Dowse. The concept is super simple, even grown-ups can understand it. Young people are invited to a special exhibition where they alone can look, appreciate and even buy art.

So here’s the deal:

— No adults allowed, only people under 19
No bookings required to choose an artwork, just turn up and explore the secluded display space to choose from the sample artist prints
 Only $75 per artist print (pay the Muka minder at the door of the secluded display space)
 Optional $75 to pre-order a DIY frame (if you want one of these frames, please pre-order and pay for it here)
— Plenty of editions of each print on display will be available, so you can choose what you want and take it away with you
 Maximum 3 artworks per person
 Visitors can enter the exhibition just once
 No phones or cameras please

For more details on Muka Youth Prints check out their website
hereTo learn more about artist prints and types of print making, visit the Tate website.