Peter Bauhuis Talk

Peter Bauhuis, Replica rings (2015). Bronze, fire gilded. Photo © Philip Mansmann.

This event has already taken place

Hear Munich-based jeweller and object-maker, Peter Bauhuis, give a public talk about his practice in conjunction with his solo exhibition opening at The National in Christchurch on 23 November 2018.

Peter Bauhuis trained as a jeweller at the Munich Academy for Fine Arts under Otto Künzli, and was appointed the prestigious title Meisterschüler (Master Student) in 1999. Since then, Bauhuis has been based in Munich, frequently exhibiting and teaching internationally. He taught at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence for ten years. In 2013 he was awarded the highly esteemed prize of 17th International Silver Triennial in Hanau, Germany. Bauhuis’ work has been collected by public institutions in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and the USA.

Bauhuis conceives of exhibitions that operate as artworks themselves or Gesamtkusntwerk (total work of art) that challenge the viewer within the context of the exhibition environment. Alongside this, Bauhuis’ publications can be seen as autonomous artworks. One of his publications, ABECEDARIUM, presents a wide-spectrum of his work within a format that becomes a piece of art in itself.

He also is in New Zealand for teaching workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin courtesy of The National and Creative New Zealand.