Richard Stratton Ceramic Workshop: Decorating Techniques

This event has already taken place

Join ceramic artist Richard Stratton at the Hutt Art Centre to learn decorating and slip trailing techniques on slabs of clay, just like the artist uses in his exhibition Living History.

This is a chance for ceramics enthusiasts with beginner to intermediate skills to learn new skills from one of New Zealand’s most prominent contemporary ceramic artists, which they can apply to their own ceramic works into future.

What to Bring

• Older clothes or an art smock to get creative and messy.
• A pottery knife or small, thin bladed knife.
• A small but thick cardboard box and plastic bag to store your clay slab (200x200x10mm).

The Nitty-Gritty

Please meet at the Hutt Art Centre. Every participant will be given a small, square slab of clay (200×200×10mm) to learn on and experiment with. The cost includes all materials as well as light refreshments for tea time. Take your raw slab away with you, or leave it in its plastic bag and box to get fired for the cost of just $5.