Elisabeth Pointon: Don't miss out.

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17 Mar – 22 Jul 2018

Elisabeth Pointon, research image, 2018.

Elisabeth Pointon, research image, 2018.

Elisabeth Pointon’s window project Don’t miss out. considers the conventions and implications of corporate language.

Working at a luxury car dealership to support her art practice, Pointon became interested in the interpersonal relationships, organisational culture and communication strategies between employees, management, and the business itself. Isolated from the context of a company newsletter, motivational email or advertising campaign, generic affirmative phrases such as “Good job.” or “Well done to all.” are exposed as somewhat empty rhetoric, as full of hot air as the blimp that will soon occupy The Dowse’s front window.

Pointon is interested in how this type of language can be used to shape and re-shape our cultural environments. The nuances of punctuation and expediency of words are used as a medium through which to explore our daily, social interactions, and in subverting this economy of language, there lies the potential to redefine them.