Ko wai au?

Our amazing educator Tessa is sharing her journey exploring Te Ao Māori through our current exhibitions. You can choose to explore kowhaiwhai, mauri, whakapapa and create opportunities for tino rangatiratanga and tau utuutu.

The Ko Wai Au? programmes are available as an online learning experience through video or a printable teaching pack. Tessa can lead this programme in your own classrooms or as an exhibition linked programme in our museums.

Curriculum Links:

Social Science, Art, Te Ao Māori

Year Level:

Yr 1-8

5 lessons exploring Te Ao Māori through our connections to each other, our environment and art.

Hononga – Connections
Explore kowhaiwhai patterns and discover how they find inspiration from our environment. Discover the work of Kaaterina Kerekere and explore traditional kowhaiwhai through the contemporary language of animation.

Mauri – Life force
Inspired by Areta Wilkinsons work Hei Tiki and her experimentation with cyanotype we explore photography techniques to capture the essence of a person or taonga.

Whakapapa – Connection to ancestors
Nuku Tewhatewha connects us to the chief who commissioned it, the tohunga who carved it, the people it represents and the hopes for our future. Share the story of a whanau taonga together.

Tau utuutu – Giving and receiving
Matthew McIntyre Wilson engages knowledge and processes grounded in Te Ao Māori, he strengthens the connections and mana of past makers. What skill could the students learn from someone in their whānau? How could they share their knowledge with a friend or neighbour?

Tino Rangatiratanga – Self-determination
Artist Nikau Hinden is learning and sharing the lost Maori art form of Aute. We challenge students to create their own spaces to explore and express te reo Maori and indigenous knowledge.