Our educators offer fun, interactive New Zealand Curriculum-linked learning programmes for years 1–13 students. If you have any photos from your time here at The Dowse please email them to us.

All I want to be

Our exhibition All I want to be shares the work of artists who use imagination, experimentation and play to explore their ideas and discover who they are.

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Making Conversation

How can looking back help us understand the present? How can we turn our stories and environment into art? Students will explore how we can find inspiration from the world around us, the people in our communities and the stories ...

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Discover celebrates the way that art can be a window into many different worlds inspiring inquisitive minds to question and learn from their surroundings. A true integrated studies approach. Discover lets us explore literacy, enquiry topics, social sciences, maths and ...

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Who am I? Where do I belong? What is our national and cultural identity. Artists often use their work to express, explore and question ideas about identity. Students will explore their own identity and how artists communicate their beliefs, culture ...

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Nuku Tewhatewha: The Heart of The Dowse

Come and discover the secrets of this national treasure. As the sole remaining pillar from the Kīngitanga movement, Nuku Tewhatewha, has lessons for us all. Students will become experts on the pātaka, past and present, and be inspired to consider ...

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Tikanga of Harakeke

Students will learn about one of the most treasured and resourceful plants used by Māori—harakeke. We will look at the tikanga around harvesting, its purposes in Māori culture and discuss what materials we use today and how they impact on our ...

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Take a Closer Look

Take a Closer Look is a fun and interactive way for your class to explore the whole museum. Students will be inspired to look at art in new ways, think critically and develop their understanding of art, history, culture and ...

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