It's a Family Affair

Author: Rachel Healy, Communications Manager
One of the things I love about working at The Dowse is that our families (as well as everyone else’s) are always welcome – and that makes a big difference.

On Saturday, we opened Saskia Leek’s new exhibition Desk Collection and celebrated the other exhibitions in our summer suite, Play, Arcade and Lauren Winstone’s ceramics show Holding holes. Lauren was down from Auckland with her new baby and Saskia took the bus from central Wellington with us. It was fun having my children on the bus with me as well as the company of our curatorial intern, Ane Tonga with her friend Jann.

Here’s my son Billy on the bus with his friend Benny.

A lovely surprise was that Ronnie van Hout was over from Melbourne and also on the bus with his family. On our arrival in Dowse Square, Billy enjoyed posing with Ronnie in front of Fallen Robot.

At the gallery, the doors were open onto the courtyard, the bean bags were out, the sun was shining and our guests enjoyed Dowse hospitality with summer tastes, bubbles, goody bags and our brand new Robot Water Bottles.

But it’s not always all chocolate-dipped-strawberries and Foxton Fizz, this year has seen some tough times for The Dowse team, caught in the glare of the media eye. Thank you to our families and friends for your support of The Dowse on those not so sunny days.

Rachel Healy, Communications Manager

Just one more pic that I couldn’t resist, here’s a new addition to the extended Dowse family, three month old James who was also here with his family on Saturday. James belongs to Anna Burtt, who used to work here, and Mark Tantrum, one of our fantastic photographers.

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