Making a book about Barry: Part 2.

Author: Emma Bugden, Senior Curator
A book needs writers, and our upcoming Barry Brickell book has several, including major essays commissioned from David Craig (co-curator of the exhibition) and Greg O’Brien (well known writer extraordinaire).

Recently I went up to Auckland for a meeting with David, Greg and Anna Hodge, Senior Editor at Auckland University Press. It was the first time we had our writers and editor in the same room at the same time and a talk fest ensued. I could see the book taking shape before me.  

After the meeting, David and I caught the ferry over to Devonport to catch up with Barry, who was a Visiting Writer at the Michael King Writers’ Centre. The ferry ride was a chance to talk over the list of works for the show. As well as look at the stunning view of course! 

On our way to the Michael King Writers’ Centre on Mount Victoria we paid a visit to Barry’s mural at the Devonport Library. These 18 panels set into the wall of the library depict the Enterprise, a steam ferry operated by the Holmes Brothers in 1865. 

At the Centre we had a cup of tea with Barry, and talked over the list of works some more. It was a glimpse of Barry as the urban writer about town—as opposed to Barry the rural potter. 


Before we headed back on the ferry Barry showed us a pot he gifted the Centre, in acknowledgement of their ongoing support.

Not a bad day at the office…

Emma Bugden, Senior Curator 

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