Meet Miss Suji Park

Author: Ane Tonga, 2012 Intern
I first met Suji Park at VERONA on K’Rd, famous for drawing in a hub for creative individuals, hipsters and the closest you’ll get to a ‘Wellington’ coffee. Running late from giving my four year old nephew his first tennis lesson (living out my tennis dreams through him more like it), I entered the café flustered. Suji was astonishing, calm and drinking tea with her notebook open in front of her. She is a breath of fresh air… Pretty much the antithesis of how I was feeling.

Suji is a contemporary artist of Korean descent. Since graduating from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland, her unique practice has gained recognition throughout New Zealand. Fresh from her recent solo exhibition at Brett McDowell Gallery, Suji joined us at The Dowse to talk about her artwork that will feature in the upcoming exhibition Everyone Talks to Everyone. This is the fifth exhibition to be curated as part of the Blumhardt Curatorial Internship and its partnership with The Dowse. The exhibition will feature an unexpected mixture of emerging and established artists and approaches to art-making.

We are excited to exhibit Suji’s work at The Dowse for the very first time and hope this will become an on-going engagement with her art practice.

Ane Tonga, Blumhardt Curatorial Intern

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