Mata Aho on Maureen Lander

Author: Courtney Johnston, Director

Artist collective Mata Aho has written a reflection on Maureen Lander (whose exhibition 'Flat-Pack Whakapapa' is currently on show here at The Dowse) for The Pantograph Punch.

Installation view of 'Flat-Pack Whakapapa', 2017.

Installation view of 'Flat-Pack Whakapapa', 2017.

The Mata Aho collective (Erena Baker, Sarah Hudson, Bridget Reweti, Terri Te Tau) were recently in Berlin, installing their work for documenta 14. Senior artist Maureen Lander (who is currently showing at The Dowse) was an important influence on the development of their work, and their way of working.

In a new article for The Pantograph Punch, the Mata Aho artists reflect on Lander's work as an artist, academic and mentor:

Throughout her career, Maureen often plays with Māori and English words resulting in witty titles. The multiplicity of meaning when Te Reo Māori and the English language are juxtaposed is a thread that runs throughout her recent exhibition at The Dowse Art Museum titled Flat-pack Whakapapa which includes works such as DIY DNA and Kitset Whanaungatanga. Not only are the titles fun to say but they are conceptually loaded, examining kinship through a ‘Mitre 10 Dream Home’ lens. Intriguing and humorous at first glance, the proximity of a quick fix home-renovation and identity concepts quickly become complicated and layered. Whakapapa is complex, the reality being that it binds us to people and place (regardless of whether we like it or not) whilst still malleable, mobile and responsive to the environment.

You can read the full article on The Pantograph Punch website

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