Children Bedazzled at The Dowse

Author: Jen Boland, Learning Manager
On Sunday 4 March, Bedazzled, our very popular exhibition of ballet costumes from The Royal New Zealand Ballet, closed after three months of enjoyment and many school groups visiting.

The children enjoyed discovering and identifying the characters in the exhibition; from ballets like A Christmas Carole, Peter Pan, Cinderella and Swan Lake. They loved creating their own amazing costume designs using different types of fabrics, paper and sequins.

We have had great fun with our visiting classes wearing artworks from our tactile collection to dress up as a character camouflaging amongst flowers; a magician; an alien; a Weet-bix vendor; a rock star; an alien hunter; a monster hunter; a cowboy; a ghost; and a fairy.

Last week we had nine classes from Hutt Central School visit us to explore the many costumes that have been gifted to The Dowse by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Here are two designs from Hutt Central that we think make a great pair.

Thanks everyone for coming and for sharing your great ideas with us. It has been so much fun!

Anna Rae and Jen Boland,  LEOTC Educators


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