Project Sunshine: Part Two

Author: Jen Boland, Learning Manager
What a welcoming sight! Walking into the Dowse Art Museum this morning was like walking past fields of cheer.

The sunflowers that were planted last year as part of the Sunshine Project to raise awareness of the plight of the New Zealand Bee are flowering. While taking this photograph I noticed that there were some very happy bees laden with nectar that they’d been collecting. On behalf of the bees I’d like to thank Julia from Great Start Community House, the students from St Matthews and Pomare School and all the Museum visitors who took the time to plant a sunflower and make a wish. You’ve all made a difference.

I wonder if it’s true what they say about sunflowers all turning their heads to face the sun, I will be investigating. Now we just need the sun to co-operate.

Jen Boland, Learning Programmes Manager

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