Thanks Shapeshifter!

Author: Jen Boland, Learning Manager
The Indo-European root of the word ‘art’ is to ‘arrange’ or ‘put together’ and Shapeshifter: Sculptures in the Park worked its magic again this year, exhibiting more than 50 works celebrating ‘form’. Over 60 classes visited the Civic Gardens to share the joys and wonders of 3D art.

Students, teachers and whanau were intrigued by the movement of the kinetic sculptures as they suddenly became animated in the wind. Students enjoyed brainstorming possible rescue solutions for the man on the lighthouse and considered what could be growing inside the giant egg. They learned about different materials and the processes artists use to make sculptures. 

One local school was so enchanted by their visit to Shapeshifter, they set aside two days for their students to create their own Shapeshifter exhibition. The students began by collecting then playing with objects and materials for their artworks, organising them in a myriad of ways, trying new combinations and observing the arrangements before finally joining the pieces. They were very proud of their efforts and we’d like to thank everyone for sharing their masterpieces with us. Also, a big thanks to everyone involved with Shapeshifter 2012, the collection of works will continue to inspire our youth even after the sculptures have gone to their new homes.


Jen Boland, Learning Programmes Manager 

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