A Message to Barry

Author: Courtney Johnston, Director
On Sunday, we welcomed Barry Brickell back to The Dowse, and Wellington, for a special tour organised by The Friends of The Dowse.

David Craig, co-curator of His Own Steam: A Barry Brickell Survey, and co-author of the associated book, once again lead Barry around his show, prompting anecdotes and explanations about the works. Passionate arts supporter and benefactor Gillian Deane gave a warm welcoming tribute to Barry and presented him with a Life Membership of The Friends of The Dowse. Her words are below:

“Hardly a day goes by when I am not reminded of Barry by using and admiring the pots of his we are lucky enough to live with, including a wonderful fountain at our front door which welcomes our guests and the owners when we arrive home. I remember buying it at a Cash and Carry exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts when it sat on the hill at Mt Cook. It was a day of instant gratification. There are jugs which served delicious mulled wine and bowls which held delicious salads.

We are so thrilled to welcome our national living treasure back to the Dowse to farewell his wonderful exhibition . The diversity and strength of your work is inspirational. Somehow the exhibition feels like the pottery process –the conception of the idea, the construction of the pot, the firing process and the excitement of viewing the finished product. The whole town has been talking about the Brickell boy….. and the Friends of the Dowse wish to mark this special exhibition by awarding Barry a Life Membership of our Association.

We admire your creativity, your inspiration to others and the great contribution you have made to the Coromandel and New Zealand as a whole. We are thrilled the book about your life’s work has been selected as a finalist in the NZ Book awards.

Dear Barry, you are so gifted and we love the way you have shared not only your pots but your knowledge to those of us who adore the special medium.. in which the alchemy of water, earth, fire and air create treasures to use and to contemplate.”

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