Major exhibition of paintings by Séraphine Pick to show at The Dowse

Author: Katrina Smit, Communication & Relationships Manager

White Noise, a major exhibition of new and recent work by New Zealand painter Séraphine Pick, will show at The Dowse Art Museum from 27 June 2015. The exhibition marks a new direction for the artist and an opportunity for art lovers to experience fresh work from one of New Zealand’s leading contemporary painters.


Séraphine Pick, White Noise, 2010. Collection of the McArthur Family

Séraphine Pick, White Noise, 2010. Collection of the McArthur Family

Courtney Johnston, Director of The Dowse says “We are thrilled to be presenting this new and ambitious body of work by Séraphine Pick. The artist has captured the zeitgeist of our times, producing work that portrays our modern fixation with seeking an audience for our personal elation and despair”.

Pick’s new work mines the distortions of reality endlessly delivered via the internet and other media. Carefully crafted – or illicitly shared – these glimpses of triumph and tragedy from the lives of loved ones and strangers alike filter through to us on Facebook, Instagram, and a plethora of other media such as magazines. Once in the public domain, the personal images become emblematic reflectors of contemporary culture. By blending found images from strangers’ lives with her own memories, experiences and ideas, Pick explores both the value of the painted image and the sociological and psychological impact of living in the glare of the public gaze.

Visitors to the exhibition will be seduced by the painterly quality of Pick’s work. “Comparisons to the work of the French Impressionists, like Claude Monet, are sure to be made,” Courtney continues. “Many of the new works are joyous, offering an intimate invitation into moments of personal euphoria. Others have a darker and more troubled affect, but still draw us in with lush colour and beautiful brushwork.”

A Wellington based painter of national significance, Séraphine Pick is one of the most successful artists of her generation. Over the last two decades Pick has become well known for her lyrical painting, in which she explores subject matter such as dreams, memory and psychology that dip in and out of everyday life. While addressing contemporary issues, her paintings comment on the act of painting itself, not only its relevance today, but also its place in art history through movements such as late nineteenth century Symbolism and early twentieth century Surrealism and Post-Impressionism.

White Noise features works from the past 5 years, including major new paintings completed especially for the exhibition.

The Dowse will be publishing a new book to accompany this exhibition, featuring all the works in White Noise and essays by exhibition curator Sian van Dyk and art writer Megan Dunn.

Séraphine Pick: White Noise

27 Jun 2015 – 17 Jan 2016


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