Crazy Crayons in the MINE shop now

Author: Courtney Johnston, Director
They’re not actually even properly unpacked yet, but when we tweeted a picture of the Crazy Crayon’s Minifig set, the reaction was so great we decided to let the news slip out before the packets hit the shelves.

As you can see in the gallery of images (apologies for the quick and dirty phone snaps – we just wanted to get the pictures to you fast!), Crazy Crayons come in all sorts of covetable shapes, from ducks to cars to Lego bricks.

We only have three of each set in this initial run, so you might want to get in fast. Each set retails at $8.00. If you can’t drop by The Dowse to pick yours out, you can email the MINE manager, the lovely Kirsty and she’ll sort you out. For this special occasion, we’re even offering free postage.

Courtney Johnston, Director (but all real credit to Kirsty Stratford)

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