Rose Reviews

Author: Rachel Healy, Communications Manager
One of our young visitors, 11 year old Rose from Eastern Hutt School, reviews two of the gift ideas in MINE: The Dowse Shop.

The New Zealand Art Activity Book: 100+ ideas for creative kids by Helen Lloyd

This book is definitely for all ages because there are so many different activities. There are things like colouring-in for younger kids and more complicated things like designing for older kids.

My favourite activity in this book would be the ‘Who’s there’ activity on page 19. In this activity there are three sets of eyes on this page and you have to create a face that goes with the eyes. I like this activity because it tests your imagination, and you can draw all kinds of creepy people and animals!

The NZ Art Activity Book is great and really good for filling in time, so if you get your kids this book they will no longer be bored. You can now get it at MINE at The Dowse, $29.99

T-MAMA Kitset Owl

I like this because it is made out of recycled blanket and you can make it yourself and sew it together or buy one that has already been made-up.

I would love to have one for myself because they are cuddly and warm, and you know you are helping the earth a little bit because the blanket is recycled!

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