Our Favourites

Jo Wehrly

Registrar (currently on maternity leave)

"I love the overall appearance of the two works as a positive and negative of each other. It also amazes me, the time and effort put into making this work. All the tiny little squares individually coloured in, some sections cut out and taped in a different place to alter the pattern. It appeals to the maths geek in me. The unusual thing about these drawings is the use of two different orange coloured pens. The artist started the drawing and then left it unfinished for years, when he came back to finish it he discovered he could no longer get the same coloured pen, so he used a bright orange one instead. It gives you a little insight into how he worked."

Martin Thompson

Untitled (diptych), -

felt pen coloured squares of graph paper, cut and taped together.
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum.
Image: Jeff McEwan, Capture Studios.