Our Favourites

Max, Age 13

Max had a good look around the store before coming back to this beautiful work by Kirsten Haydon. His mum was pleasantly surprised that he and his friend Ollie were completely engrossed in the collection, and didn't whinge once about being bored!

Melbourne-based jeweller Kirsten Haydon created this brooch after a stint as the Antarctic New Zealand Arts Fellow in 2004. This piece featured in the exhibition Sinfonia Antarctica at The Dowse in 2008.

"I like planes. It's be cool to make some jewellery that looks like planes. I like the way it has moving parts. Did the artist go to Antarctica on a plane like this"

Kirsten Haydon

Ice Travels, 2006

oxidised silver, copper, enamel, reflector beads, paint, steel.
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum.
Image: Jeff McEwan, Image Capture Studios