Our Favourites

Lisa Walker

Jeweller and Artist

Lisa Walker is a Wellington jeweller who spent many years living and working in Germany. Like her husband, Karl Fritsch, Lisa was the recipient of the prestigious Françoise van den Bosch Award, awarded every two years to an international jewellery artist whose work is of outstanding quality. Lisa will be familiar to Dowse audiences from her exhibition here in 2009, Unwearable. Lisa's work is playful and very often oversized, using unexpected materials. She is continually pushing towards the extreme, and recognises this is a method which enables her to expand her thinking and way of working. Lisa studied Craft Design at Otago Polytechnic Art School, Dunedin from 1988–89. Afterwords she travelled and worked in Australia, Great Britain and Asia for two years. From 1995–2001 she studied in the Klasse Künzli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Lisa was drawn to this work, which is stored upside down with its foot pointing skywards, and got a surprise when it was brought out of its cabinet and turned the other way around. “I really liked this upside down, but I love it the right way around too. It’s beautiful – the shape, the patterns and the way the glaze looks like mould and mud.”

Mirek Smisek

Yunomi, 1985

stoneware with salt glaze and ash glaze
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum.
Image: Forrest Smyth