Our Favourites

Ollie, Age 12

This Graeme Storm vase was tucked away in a cabinet and partially obscured, but something about the pattern caught Ollie's eye. He was interested in the process of making both the pot and the design itself.

So how was the pattern on this pot created? We asked Graeme Storm to explain the process...
"The pot was 'thrown' on the potters wheel. After firming up for about 24 hours, it was the coated with a slip (liquid clay) coloured with iron oxide. This was left to dry for for several hours, before the freehand floral design was drawn on using a porcupine quill. Finally, the negative parts around the leaves and flowers were removed using a wire-ended cutting tool. When the pot was fully dry it was bisque fired to 950deg . centigrade, removed from the kiln, glazed inside, and fired again in an oil fired stoneware kiln to a temperature of 1300 degrees centigrade.

Graeme Storm

Brown Pot, No Date (Purchased 1974)

ceramic, slip.
Collection of The Dowse Art Museum