Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

This event has already taken place

Join us in the online and real-life campaign to increase the presence of female artists on Wikipedia. We will provide loads of help, free Wi-Fi, power sources, light refreshments and great referencing resources!


Newbies 10am–noon: We will be running a crash course in how to sign up, edit and upload articles to Wikipedia.

Get inspired 1pm: Join curator Bridget Reweti on a tour of Nuku: Symbols of Mana, with its particular focus on mana wa¯hine (women’s empowerment).

Edit-A-Thon 2–5pm: Be part of an international event to add and update Wikipedia entries about female New Zealand artists.

If you’re already familiar with Wikipedia feel free to join us in the morning to help new people take their first steps, or just join us in the afternoon for some social editing.


To help us prepare for the day please RSVP by email to and tell us which sessions you plan to attend and what your level of Wikipedia experience is. If you have any questions pop them in that email and we'll be in touch.


Bring a laptop and your powercord. We'll provide snacks and drinks throughout the day, but feel free to bring your own food or visit the cafes around The Dowse.

If there's an artists you're particularly interested in and you have books about them at home, bring them along.


Courtney Johnston, our director, and Bridget Reweti, one of our Wikipedia interns (and curator of Nuku: Symbols of Mana) will be there to teach you the basics of Wikipedia and help you throughout the day.

We’ll be putting out a mini library of New Zealand art publications and periodicals to support your research.

We’ll also provide snacks and drinks throughout the day, power packs and wifi.


Creating an account

You can create an account on the day, or set one up in advance using this form on Wikipedia.

You might want to read this backgrounder about Wikipedia accounts before creating your own. (Like most explanation pages on Wikipedia it is extremely thorough – don’t be scared!) The key thing to remember is that the account name you pick will be logged on all Wikipedia pages you edit. Most people chose a “handle” rather than using their real name: for example, Courtney’s Wikipedia handle is “auchmill”.

Selecting an artist or topic

On the day we’ll be able to suggest all sorts of ways you can start contributing to Wikipedia quickly, from fixing typos and spelling mistakes all the way through to creating whole new entries.

However, you might like to select an artist or a topic (such as a New Zealand art gallery or an important exhibition or publication) in advance. We’ve created a list of artists who have very minimal entries (for example Doris Lusk) or no entry at all (for example Robin White). You could pick an artist from this list to focus on, and do some reading and researching in advance. The list also provides information about how to starting assembling information about an artist for an entry: this blog posts gives some sources we frequently use.