There's No I in Team: Colouring in sessions

Colouring-in with Claudia Kogachi

Free  |  No booking required

Tuesdays 12-1pm
Wednesdays 3.30-4.30pm 

Remember when your mother would tell you to not draw on the walls? Well here's the chance to relive that urge as you team up with us to colour in artist Claudia Kogachi's hand-painted mural in There’s No I in Team. Open to ages 1 – 100, drop in and make your mark on the gallery wall. Or sit back and watch the action from ball-shaped furniture. 

Rendered cartoon-like in delightfully awkward angles and inviting bright colours, Claudia Kogachi's There's No I in Team depicts the artist and her mum in friendly competition, playing a range of popular sports. From boogie boarding to tennis to golf, sports become a playful metaphor for exploring the challenging emotional terrain we all traverse with the humans we love. Choosing sports that are particularly popular in her mother’s birthplace of Hawai’i, Kogachi’s work speaks to the way our upbringing, culture and identity shape our family experiences.