Stansborough Historic Mill Tour – Past, Present and Future in Action

This event has already taken place

Fascinating to watch in production, this machinery comprises some of the only looms of this era (1890’s) still working commercially in the world. These create incredible pieces of heirloom textiles, and you will see just how labour intensive the whole production is.

Stansborough creates heritage woven products from the grey wool of their unique breed of Stansborough Grey sheep. Their looms, that came out to New Zealand in the early 1900’s , were developed in England in the 1890’s to make fine worsted textiles and are themselves masterpieces of design and engineering. These were among the very first commercial worsted looms manufactured, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and have the ability to still create heirloom textiles from a bygone era.

This tour is held in connection with History Repeats: Petone Woollen Blankets social history exhibit at Petone Settlers Museum. The exhibit is built around an heirloom Stansborough blanket in the museum’s collection, and underlines the ways that history repeats, as well as charting the movement from home-based wool craft to industrial wool manufacture over the last century, and the revival of artisanal and heritage wool crafts in recent years.