The Most Dedicated: Black Book Session & CONJAH Street Style Dance Cypher

This event has already taken place

A black book sketch session, champion turntablist and a street style dance cypher. Don’t miss this afternoon of contemporary underground art inspired by the streets, on the penultimate weekend of TMD: Aotearoa Graffiti Story.

Join TMD artists for a chilled out sketch session in the ‘flat’, accompanied by fresh beats from champion turntablist Alphabethead. Come together to exchange ideas, swap sketches, or just relax and have a doodle. Whether you’re a confident artist looking to share ideas, or a beginner wanting to learn the basics, everyone’s welcome. Drawing equipment provided, but feel free to bring your own black book and pens.

Then from 4pm take a front row seat for a street style dance cypher presented by renowned street style dance artists, CONJAH (Jahra Wasasala and Ooshcon). Featuring three invited Te Moana Nui a Kiwa street dancers who are heavy weights in their field, this cypher is a physical talanoa (exchange). Watch the free-style physical offerings between the street style dance artists and their body memory archive.

Thanks to Gordon Harris for their generous support of this event.


2 – 4pm  Blackbook session
              Alphabethead DJ Set

4 – 5pm  Street Style Dance Cypher