The Most Dedicated: Street Art Festival

Lady Diva and Phat One

Sat 27 Mar 10:00 a.m.


Celebrating urban art culture and coinciding with the exhibition The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story, we bring you The Most Dedicated: Street Art Festival – a selection of new murals painted throughout the Lower Hutt CBD by internationally acclaimed street art collective, TMD Crew. Between 27 and 30 March, see how 15 of the TMD Crew members, paint the murals live and turn the city into an outdoor art gallery and add to Lower Hutt’s existing display of street art. 

15 TMD artists involved with the festival are ADDICT, ASKEW ONE (Elliot O’Donnell), BERST (Dr. Bobby Hung), DEUS (Elliot Francis Stewart), DYLE52 aka SAVES (Benjamin Work), EXIST, FLURO (Holly Ross), HASER (Kairau Bradley), LADY DIVA (Janine Williams), Mark Henare, MISERY (Tanja Jade), PEST5 (Jonny 4Higher), PHAT ONE (Charles Williams), RAMS and RYZE (Gary Silipa)