[POSTPONED] TOO MUCH MONEY: Max Rashbrooke with Anna Fifield

This event has already taken place

What is shaping the growing divide between the haves and have nots in Aotearoa? Max Rashbrookes book, Too Much Money, is a razor-sharp insight into the fast-developing inequalities across Aotearoa. Tackling inherited wealth, class, opportunity and education, this is a tool for our troubled times. Max speaks with Anna Fifield about the evidence and the possible solutions to our inequality issues.

Max Rashbrooke

Max Rashbrooke is a journalist, author and academic based in Wellington. His books, led by the best-selling Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis (new edition 2018), have helped transform national understanding of income and wealth inequality.

Max’s journalism has appeared in publications worldwide, including The Guardian, The Economist Group and the New Zealand Herald, and he has twice received the Bruce Jesson Senior Journalism Award. He is also a research associate of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and was a 2015 Winston Churchill Fellow and the 2020 J.D. Stout Fellow. His talk on renewing democracy has had over 1 million views.

Anna Fifield

Former Beijing bureau chief of the Washington Post, Anna Fifield is the author of The Great Successor: The Secret Rise and Rule of Kim Jong Un and winner of the 2018 Stanford University’s Shorenstein Journalism Award. She is editor of the Dominion Post and Stuff’s Wellington newsroom.