Workshop: The quilts of Jess & Cynthia Johnson, a mother-daughter partnership

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Jess Johnson is no stranger to working with collaborators to realise her artistic projects, including video-maker Simon Ward, and sound composer Andrew Clarke on Terminus. In 2016, while still in New York, Jess began a collaboration with her New-Zealand-based mother, Cynthia Johnson, that combined Jess’ illustrations with Cynthia’s quilting practice. The result has been the striking textile works that feature in Terminus.

Join Jess and Cynthia as they share the experience and technical process of collaborating on these textiles, followed by a hands-on workshop taught by Cynthia exploring patchwork textile making. Learn the practical basics of template making, block cutting and construction and use them to create a small sample patchwork textile of your own.

About the artists

Jess Johnson was born in Tauranga, New Zealand in 1979. She lives and works in New York.The concept of world-building lies at the center of her work, which reflects her interests in science fiction, language, technology, and concepts of consciousness. Over several years, her drawings have documented an increasingly complex fictional world. Her drawing practice feeds into installations and collaborations in animation, music, fashion, Virtual Reality, and textile art. These additional mediums bring the world of her drawings into physical and virtual spaces, providing an immersive experience for audiences.

Cynthia Johnson grew up in California, where she began embroidering at an early age. Her Mexican family were accomplished embroiderers, with her aunts frequently working on high quality pieces such as church vestments. She came to New Zealand in 1972 where she was introduced to patchwork and fell in love with the medium. She has taught quilting classes throughout New Zealand, twice at the National Quilt Symposium. Her quilts have been exhibited in Australia, France, United States, Japan and here in New Zealand.

This event runs in conjunction with Terminus, 14 Nov 2020 – 21 Mar 2021.