Home Sewn

Past Exhibition
10 Aug – 24 Nov 2013

"It is a defining characteristic of mid century New Zealand that most women could sew and large numbers did so very skilfully." —Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins
The New Zealand Fashion Museum

The New Zealand Fashion Museum

Curated by New Zealand fashion designer Doris de Pont, Home Sewn is a retrospective of the home sewing revolution in New Zealand.

At a time when off-the-peg fashion was scarce and expensive, home sewing provided many generations of women with a stylish wardrobe that reflected the current couture of the fashion capitals. Home Sewn is a touring exhibition from the New Zealand Fashion Museum. 

The exhibition showcases an art form that is gaining renewed interest. It touches on the machines, the techniques, the patterns and the fabrics used to create beautiful clothes. Fashion illustrations, photographs, newspaper and magazine articles also feature in Home Sewn.

Home Sewn was launched in conjunction with the book of the same name, which profiles 10 leading New Zealand designers, each of whom share a pattern from one of their stunning collections and provides an overview of our home sewing history by curator Doris de Pont. The design careers of Kiwi designer luminaries as Annie Bonza, Marilyn Sainty (Scotties); Liz Findlay (Zambesi) and Fashion Museum founder Doris de Pont are based on home sewing – it was their early sewing skills which started them on the fashion path.

As a young fashion designer, Doris de Pont, established herself with a small boutique in O'Connell Street, in Auckland's fledgling High St fashion district. From this modest beginning sheestablished her place in the emerging designer fashion industry earning recognition for her unique and distinctive New Zealand approach. Establishing manufacturing and exporting capability her label was represented by agencies in New York, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as selling throughout New Zealand and Australia along with Japan, Denmark, Dubai and London.


The New Zealand Fashion Museum trustees include Doris de Pont, Dianne Ludwig and Michal McKay

Home Sewn is accompanied by a book of the same name. Read a review here.