Isabella Loudon: Labyrinth

Past Exhibition
08 Dec 2018 – 17 Mar 2019

Isabella Loudon, Working drawing, 2018.

Isabella Loudon, Working drawing, 2018.

Labyrinth is a sculptural drawing made from concrete-covered twine.

Drawing is usually the starting point for Isabella Loudon, a way to process ideas that are then developed into sculptural forms. Her use of concrete, a material recognised for its strength and toughness, is instead explored for its fragility. It resembles a brittle surface, covering and stiffening the twine. Similarly, the delicacy of the twine, its softness to touch, is transformed when it meets the concrete. It becomes rough and twisted, like wire breaking down or being pulled apart. Partially constructed within this window space, traces of the making remain, providing a sense of human connection to the structure and an insight to the process of the making itself. The form that remains is unknown, pulsing and contorting from behind the window. Like a labyrinth, it is easy to find yourself lost within the sculptural web with no way of knowing the end from the beginning, a seemingly infinite network of travelling twine.