The Gift Exchange

Past Exhibition
17 Feb – 12 Aug 2007

Work by Beena Rugnathi

Work by Beena Rugnathi

Who was it that first taught you to knit or throw a pot? Who has inspired you to do or see things differently? The Gift Exchange showcased over 200 craft and design products specially selected to tell the stories of how creative inspiration is passed on.

Taking its cue from the life and values of Doreen Blumhardt who has worked as a ceramicist, arts educator and tirelessly generous ‘giver’ for 70 years, the exhibition profiles the development of several creative collectives and companies, from Auckland-based jewellery collective Workshop 6 to WETA Workshop’s collaborative work on the animated TV series Jane and the Dragon.

Curated by the inaugural Blumhardt Curatoral Intern, Grant Thompson