Guest Voices: Cats in Padded Jackets

Author: Courtney Johnston, Director
Writer (and more) Rachel O'Neill has just shared some of her sketches of Bronwynne Cornish's cats.
A sketch by Rachel O'Neill

A sketch by Rachel O'Neill

Rachel O'Neill—the first participant in our Guest Voices programme—has just blogged about drawing some of Bronwynne Cornish's ceramic cats from Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Rachel writes: "I was surprised by how challenging it was to draw a clay object. The ceramic material, the hand-plied quality of the dimensions made it difficult to find the edges, the precise shadows and contours of the object. I like the thought that ceramics maybe elude translation into pen on paper or, at least, that the translation requires some sort of negotiation."

Later this year we will be showing the touring exhibition Mudlark: Bronwynne Cornish, Ceramics 1982–2015 from MTG Hawkes Bay, a fantastic opportunity to see the full sweep of Cornish's work.

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