"All remarkable" - review of our publication 'The Domain'

Author: Alex Grace, Communications and Relationships Manager

We're delighted to share this review from the latest issue of Art News New Zealand of our recent book Gavin Hipkins: The Domain, published in partnership with Victoria University Press.

Cover of 'Gavin Hipkins: The Domain', design by Philip Kelly

Cover of 'Gavin Hipkins: The Domain', design by Philip Kelly

We were thrilled to crack open the latest issue of Art News New Zealand and see a review of our recent book Gavin Hipkins: The Domain, published to accompany our current exhibition.

With thanks to Art News and reviewer Jessica Douglas for letting us reproduce the review in full here:

Gavin Hipkins: The Domain

There's no point anymore in being a photographer," Giovanni Intra wrote in 1997, "they'll eventually die of exhaustion." How wrong he was.

Courtney Johnston cites this quote in her essay 'View Finder' at the beginning of this new book on artist Gavin Hipkins. Published by Victoria University Press, it accompanies the exhibition Gavin Hipkins: The Domain at The Dowse Art Museum (to March 2018). More than 20 years after Intra's diagnosis and prediction, Hipkins continues to photograph and "bring new referents into his spiralling explorations of modernism, nation-building, colonial appetites and visual culture".

Alongside Johnston's essay at the front of the book is one from Robert Leonard, 'The Revenant', and George Clark's 'There is No Motion in a Motion Picture: On Cinema, Photography and the Essay Film'. Both Leonard and Clark make reference to Hipkins' 2010 foray into filmmaking - not only a change of medium but a "change of code", Leonard says.

After a section of striking, high-quality plates from Hipkins' 25-year career - some full bleed and stretched across two pages, some in situ, and all remarkable - we arrive at an archive of older essays. Something we don't see often enough in publications, this section republishes critical essays - which aren't always easy to find, and certainly not all in one place. Cumulatively, the texts throw much light on how Hipkins' career has been captured at certain junctures and has evolved to be where it is today.

Gavin Hipkins: The Domain is available from The Dowse's shop, bookstores throughout the country, and from Victoria University Press.

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