Five great winter activities for kids (and grown-ups)

Author: Alex Grace, Communications and Relationships Manager

With the chillly weather outside and school holidays nearly upon us we wanted to share our top tips for an artful winter.

Tahi - Come for a visit

We are FREE. There’s no cost to entry and you can come as many times as you like.

We are a great place to go as a family. Our exhibitions change regularly so there’s plenty to see and explore. And, with contemporary art you know there’ll be plenty to keep young minds engaged. Our upstairs galleries are especially curated for families and curious minds.

This winter we’re making an extra effort to have the Imagination Playground out as much as possible. Came and make a castle, a rollercoaster, a robot or a motorbike. This blue world can transform into anything you can imagine.

We’ve also got The Hive a cosy family lounge for the whole whānau to relax and play in.  You can stay as long as you like. If you are lucky the kids might even put on a special puppet show for you to enjoy!

Rua - Make art

No rules creative play isn’t just for growing minds! The whole family can work together to make something spectacular.

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into anything you can imagine. From a mask, to a motorbike to a tower on Mars your creation has no limits. Little hands can reach great big heights with the help of parents and caregivers.

Inspiration from one of our dear artists Yuka Oyama. Photo: Alex Efimoff

Inspiration from one of our dear artists Yuka Oyama. Photo: Alex Efimoff

Toru - See the world around you

Jackets, gumboots, scarves and mittens are the perfect ingredients to outdoor play that let’s off steam. There are amazing playgrounds all over Lower Hutt and with a few extra layers they are a great place to blow off steam!

Wha - Communal cooking 

Imagination doesn’t stop at the kitchen door. Soups, scones, roasts and casseroles take time, love and flair. Kids of all ages can help measure, pour, stir and grate and learn the science and creativity it takes to keep bellies full and nourished.

Plus, you are never too young to help with clean-up!

Rimu - School holiday activities

We run classes each holiday to help kids learn techniques that help them explore their imagination and create works of art. From clay to pencils, printmaking to animation we play in all sorts of mediums. Make sure to visit our events  page or like us on Facebook  to find out about events in the future.

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