RAMP festival: Karl Chitham and clickbait

Author: Alex Grace, Communications and Relationships Manager

On July 25 Karl Chitham, our director will be presenting at the Ramp Festival of Music, Media, Arts & Design organised by Wintec’s School of Media Arts. The whole festival is free to attend, but make sure you book your spot and avoid missing out.

Our pick of the festival (naturally) is Karl’s presentation. Here’s a summary.

Clickbait: Spectacle and the Blockbuster in Contemporary Art

In 2017 art superstar Damien Hirst made headlines around the world with his project Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable. If you’ve heard about it, join us for Karl Chitham’s (Ngapuhi) perspective as a New Zealand gallery director, curator, writer and artist. If Hirst’s collection is new to you, here’s a quick run-down: launched to coincide with the Venice Biennale, Hirst took over mega-collector Francois Pinault’s three buildings with works that were three storeys high; made from gold, silver and precious stones; or that were just simply incredible and ridiculous.

Using international and local examples, Karl will explore some of the factors that drive the contemporary art world’s grudging relationship with the ‘blockbuster’. Hear about the challenges of art galleries and the art world as we move into a future driven by visitor numbers, money and audiences looking for the perfect Instagram moment.

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