Pic 'n' Mix: Collection Store Visit

Author: Jen Boland, Learning Manager
What happens when you unleash a group of children in The Dowse collection store?

I had one of those moments last week where I was reminded of how lucky I am to work with children and be privy to their world and thoughts. It was Tuesday and Jolie and I had taken Dee, the afterschool art class, in to the Collection Store for a look around. Bev, the Collection Store Manager, led us carefully through the maze of shelves and as we passed the sculptures and ceramics the children’s eyes were darting this way and that taking it all in. We came to a stop at the paintings which were rolled out one screen at a time. For us Educators time in the Collections Store is a real treat and viewing the paintings is like visiting with old friends. Out came Tide of Change by Brent Wong, 1969 and I asked the children “what do you see?” There was a chorus of ‘space ship’, ‘beach’, ‘sky’ and ‘house’ when one of the children quietly stated “That’s what curiosity looks like”.

Of course it is, why didn’t I think of that? And that is the beauty of working with children, they just see things differently.


As it turns out, and this made me laugh, she was referring to the robot called ‘Curiosity’ on Mars. But for me, the magic had already happened, everything looks just a little bit different to me now.

Jen Boland, Learning Programmes Manager

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