Hair Chair Coming to TheNewDowse

Author: Rachel Healy, Communications Manager
Mops, manes, beards and frizzies were collected in order to create the first known hair chair, which will be exhibited at TheNewDowse in January 2007.
Ronald Thompson, Hair Chair. Photo: Mary Gamanou

Ronald Thompson, Hair Chair. Photo: Mary Gamanou

Four and a half pounds of hair was gathered together by former hairdresser, Ronald Thompson, and mixed with polyester matrix to create the ‘stiletto chair’. Since the average haircut just produces 0.17 ounce of hair every 6 weeks, it would take an individual 46 years to make a single chair.

Fortunately, Thompson was not short on material. ‘The average salon produces this amount of hair clippings in two weeks,” he says. “Well over 220,000 tons are produced in the UK per year, while millions of tons are produced worldwide every year.”

Thompson believes that hair is the material of the future and foresees shoes, clothing, mascara and boat parts being made of hair in the future. “It’s versatile, non-corrosive, tough, durable and it’s able to compete with products such as medium-density fibreboard, fibreglass, polymers and aluminium”.