Listen: Artist talk with Nikau Hindin, Kōkōrangi ki Kōkōwai

Author: Steph McDonald, Communications Manager

Listen to Nikau Hindin speak about her work in Kōkōrangi ki Kōkōwai, during a live artist talk recorded at The Dowse on Saturday 20 June 2020.


Kōkōrangi ki Kōkōwai is Nikau’s journey in understanding Maramataka (the Māori lunar calendar), through the revival of traditional aute practices.

Using aute plants she harvests in Hawai’i, she strips, beats and soaks the fibres into a cloth-like material, and inscribes it with patterns derived from tukutuku and tāniko, using kōkōwai and ngārahu (charcoal pigment).

Kōkōrangi ki Kōkōwai is about bringing celestial bodies into the physical, documenting the movement of the moon and stars to find direction,” she says.

“I hope people reconnect with the importance of slowing down and noticing things in their environment,” she says. “To wake up to the sunrise or seek out the sun setting, to watch the stars rising and see the position of stars change over time.”

“It’s just a starting point for learning this native language of Aotearoa. Our ancestors were incredible scientists - they knew the whenua - we need to get back to that if we want to survive this climate emergency.”

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