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Author: Mackenzie Grace Paton, Editor, Friends of The Dowse Newsletter

Our Wikipedia Project is winding up for now. Over 400MB of digitised craft articles, books and exhibition catalogues have been added to the Shared Research Repository, and of course, there are 100 new craft artist biographies on Wikipedia.

Bone Stone Shell: New Jewellery New Zealand (Wellington: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1988)

Bone Stone Shell: New Jewellery New Zealand (Wellington: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1988)

As we worked through this craft project, it seemed such a shame that the book for the seminal 1988 exhibition Bone Stone Shell: New Jewellery New Zealand wasn’t also on the internet. The digitisation part of the project centred around publications we already held the copyright to. Thanks to kind permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, however, you can now access the full publication through Digital New Zealand.

So this stuff is up on the internet. That’s great! But what does that mean? Is anyone actually looking at these awesome resources? Well someone is looking at New Zealand craft artists. The Wikipedia page view stats tell us that across the last 90 days, the page for spoon carver Levi Borgstrom has been visited 162 times. That could be a few people visiting regularly, or 162 people stumbling across this particular corner of Wikipedia. We’re not really sure. Warwick Freeman’s page has 358 hits across 90 days, potter Chris Weaver is sitting at 196, and weaver Zena Abbott has been viewed 375 times. What’s really special about Wikipedia is that you can put your information out into this digital universe, get the ball rolling and other people come along and build upon your articles. We’ve put this information out there, and it’s going to be useful to someone.

From the Wikipedia team,
Hei konā mai

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