Established in 2004, The Blumhardt Foundation was set up to foster, support, collect and display the best examples of New Zealand decorative arts and design. It was founded by ceramicist and arts educator, Doreen Blumhardt, who has donated a significant section of her collection to The Dowse’s permanent collection.

The Blumhardt Foundation is the outcome of a long-held dream of mine—to ensure that New Zealand’s rich tradition of applied arts is celebrated, cherished and nourished. The Foundation aims to work with others to assemble and preserve rich collections of the very best examples and to build innovative programmes of engagement, education and participation around them.

—— Dr Doreen Blumhardt ONZ, DCNZM, CBE

The Blumhardt Foundation, in partnership with The Dowse, has established The Blumhardt Gallery at The Dowse. This gallery will feature changing exhibitions of decorative arts and design. The Foundation has also played an instrumental role in fostering the work of people working in decorative arts by establishing an annual curatorial internship in conjunction with Creative New Zealand, based at The Dowse.

The Blumhardt Foundation aims to support and foster decorative arts and design by

  • Building a great collection to preserve New Zealand’s decorative arts and design heritage
  • Celebrating excellence through exhibition and publications
  • Championing artists and makers and their professional development
  • Stimulating interest in the decorative arts and design
  • Providing engaging learning opportunities through workshops and demonstrations

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Blumhardt Curatorial Internship

The Blumhardt Foundation, Creative New Zealand and The Dowse have collaborated to create the role of Blumhardt Foundation/Creative New Zealand Curatorial Intern.  [more info]


Dr Doreen Blumhardt ONZ, DCNZM, CBE