Workshop: In the deing the boing comes.

Apr 30 2023

Workshop: In the deing the boing comes.
$20 | 10am- 4pm
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“It’s not the thing but how!”

Barry Brickell

Join ceramicist Laurie Steer and jeweller Karl Fritsch for an amazing long form rollicking day of creative exploration. Landing somewhere between a philosophy lecture and a creative boot camp, join us at The Dowse and set your creativity free from its shackles. We have promised Laurie and Karl a creative space to play with people curious about creative risk taking and who might forgive the occasional, accidental, enthusiastically delivered profanity. They have promised us that this will “probably be the best event in history”. Join two of planet earths cyclone firing, dolphin diving curators of creativity as the teach and talk about the art of Brickell Brac-ing “It’s not the thing but how!” (Barry Brickell). The whole day will be an intensive series of unhinged mini workshops, tours, discussions and special events drawing from years of boundary pushing art making and philosophical play.

You won’t want to miss this!

Your move.