Flox + Tuffery Matariki Colab

Jul 30 2016 – Nov 20 2016
Flox + Tuffery Matariki Colab 1

Flox + Tuffery Matarkiki Colab. Photo  by Mark Tantrum.

Michel Tuffery and Flox joined forces in early 2014 seeing the onset of a collaborative, artistic journey for both working practitioners.

Matariki is a time of coming together and reflecting on the past and the future. It is often celebrated with the exchange of stories and knowledge.

In 2014, artists Michel Tuffery and Flox, looked to the stars for inspiration embarking on a collaborative body of work referencing Matariki themes, including manu aute (Māori kites). Manu aute are traditionally a way people can connect the heavens and earth, while observing the rising of the Matariki star cluster and the coming Māori New Year.

Initially Tuffery and Flox worked remotely on drawings, sharing ideas back and forth. Their ideas were then fully realised in Flox’s studio as stencils, carved woodblocks, prints and laser cuts were made. The experiment of bringing together the mediums of stencil/spray with woodblocking and embossing extended their individual ways of working to enable a dynamic new series of work.

Two years on Flox + Tuffery Matariki Colab showcases the artists' processes and celebrates the seeds of their collaborative creativity.

Flox + Tuffery Matariki Colab 2

Flox + Tuffery Matarkiki Colab. Courtesy of the Artist.