The Most Dedicated: Street Art Festival takes over Lower Hutt, 2021


As part of The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story at The Dowse Art Museum, TMD Crew members painted murals live and ran workshops (ABC’S of Graffiti Workshop, Graffiti 101 with Paint Markers & Glitch in the Street), a guided mural walking tour and an artist talk.

13 TMD artists involved with the festival are ADICT, ASKEW ONE (Elliot O’Donnell), BERST (Dr. Bobby Hung), DEUS (Elliot Francis Stewart), EXIST, FLURO (Holly Ross), HASER (Kairau Bradley), Mark Henare, MISERY (Tanja Jade), PEST5 (Jonny 4Higher), PHAT1 (Charles Williams), and RAMS.